Advanced Painting Course at Morley College

London 2004-20013

Lecturer: Dr. Guillem Ramos-Poquí MA(RCA) PhD (Fine Art Painting)

Demonstrations on techniques and processes of painting,
and lunch hour lectures directly related to studio work

Each student works according to his or her own direction and inspiration.
The aim is to deepen the student's understanding of techniques, colour, texture
and composition, develop personal creativity and imagination, understand the cultural context
of their work and prepare a consistent body of work for exhibition

During the course students undertake a series of regular group tutorial sessions

Students are also encouraged to undertake group discussions about their insights and progess of their work

All students receive regular individual tutorial sessions, involving constructive
criticism in order to explore the possibilities for development of their paintings.
Having completed the course in 2010, Vika Verb was accepted
onto the BAHons Fine Art at London Metropolitan University

Ceri Davies with some of her work, during a 2010-11 studio advanceed painting tutorial

Meleny Batstone Car with some of her work, during a 2010-11 studio advanced painting tutorial
During the 2011 Notting Hill Visual Arts Festival Meleny exhibited her paintings (with Ceri Davies, above),
at the Tabernacle Gallery, and at the West Eleven Gallery
, both in London W.11

Students attending this course have progressed to Degree Level
including Colleges in the London University of the Arts
(e.g. Chelsea and Camberwell Colleges) and the Metropolitan University)
Others have set up their own independent art studios and take part in London shows.
One of the students (who did the painting above) had work accepted at the
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and was selected for the prestigious John Moores Painting Prize

Apart from the lunch hour lectures the students are encouraged to visit London exhibitions regularly.
The students visit as a group a major exhibition in London or abroad
The photo above was taken during the exhibition to the Pompidou Centre in Paris in 2009

Group visit to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2010

Exhibiting students  who attended the 2011-2012 Advanced Painting Course

Students prepare an exhibition of their work
They learn how to better frame, hang and display their work

An opportunity to show their work professionaly


An Advanced Painting Private View attracts a very large number of people
Many students have sold their work in the past


"I have gained more confidence in painting with a greater range of techniques and skills.
I have also enhanced my knowledge of 20th century painting"

"Continuing to benefit from lectures and tutorials, gaining a more sophisticated
understanding of building paintings, learning pigments, egg tempera, composition"

"I have understood the importance of creating textures and to let the composition
(subject matter) emerge as one whole, by doing different landscapes"

"I have definitely developed a unique style and sense of positive
criticism. I know what my painting needs when I am stuck"

"I have got much more confident in using colours and textures and a variety of techniques"

"I have learned about the use of dynamic space incorporating colour and the use of warm and cool
temperature. The correct preparation of canvas ground for egg-tempera"

"I have learned how to make and write an artist statement and how to criticize my own work, and
have learned about the theory of geometry and composition"

"We have a forum for exchanging ideas, informative lectures,
challenging tutorials, and a very good library"

"I like most having the tutor's input into how to progress a painting.
Also I like being able to discuss painting techniques etc with the others in the class"

"Interactive groups - very supportive - very commited tutor - with extensive knowledge -
good / useful refererences and lectures"

"I have learned the technique of mark-making and texture - which was gained through
lectures, advice, demonstrations as well as personal research and experiments
which I am trying to incorporate into my painting"

"An opportunity to meet a group of painters going through the same creative
experiences as me and to discuss work, and to stay motivated"

"I have become more aware of painting techniques and found my own language"

"I have particularly enjoyed the art history element of the course,
which I have found extremely inspiring. The lectures have been excellent.
The course has awakened my interest in painting.
Other skills include the knowledge of using oils, supports, etc"

"This has been a great opportunity to explore ideas, materials and new techniques.
I feel that I have learned a lot and can continue to build on this"

"This course has been excellent - it has given me the confidence I needed to surge ahead
with my work - I have a one-woman show opening in September, I signed with a gallery
and I feel that my painting is now at the beginning of exploration and experimentation.
The lecturer is a very special and excellent teacher and I feel very
lucky to have been able to do this course with him"

"The Advanced Painting was so fab that one of my paintings has been shortlisted for
the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize 2010. It'll be on show at the Walker Art Gallery for
4 months and hopefully it'll give my painting CV a boost. I know I'd have never made
such progress without attending the course! I'm particularly aware of the help the tutor gave
me in understanding how OK and nice and important it is to get the colours
you want spot on. And of course the way you can play with texture for visual interest"

Lecturer:  Dr Guillem Ramos-Poquí  MA(RCA) PhD (Fine Art Painting)