Guillem Ramos-Poquí

The Sleep of Reason

Assemblages 1998-99 Cont.

The Invisible Hand
Mixed-media ssamblage
Fragments of found objects. 1998
10 x 16 cm. Height:26cm

Backwards Evolution
Assemblage of found rubber,
plastic and ceramic objects
19 x 15 cm.
Height: 12 cm. 1998

Memorial to Desire
3-D Assemblage. Found objects, paint, digital print. 1998
8 x 7 cm. Height: 7cm.

Lovable Mutants
3-D assemblage. Found objects, paint, digital print. 1998
5 x 16.5 cm. Height: 9cm

The Last Fantasy of Nostradamus
Assemblage with found objects
50 x 17 cm Height 11 cm. 1999

Ivory Tower: Nothing Outside the Text
Bird's cage section, various toys, miniature models, MDF board
25 x 33 cm H 35 cm

Maze of Mirrors Rat-Race
Mirros, casts, assemblage of found objects
12 cm x 27 cm. Height 8.5cm. 1998

Found objects and casts on a mirror
Approx. 12 x 24 Height 7 cm 1998

The Sleep of Reason
at the Colville Place Gallery London Dec 1998-Jan19 99
Sculpture 3-D Assemblages 1998-99 and Related Digital Prints

The Sleelp of Reason

These works develop Guillem Ramos-Poquí's critical engagement with contemporary society and culture: in particular, the tension between their scientistic technological drives and our human search for emancipation and self-determination.

Metaphor and transformation play a key role as creative devices in articulating the artists' response to some of the burning issues of our time: - pessimistic outcomes of Darwinian evolution; the self-defeating contradicitons of the arms race; the consequences and implications of global free market capitalism; the dangers of a naive faith in a quick-fix, all embracing computer technocracy; the destructive Cartesian fragmentation of experience and culture.
In many exhibits these issues are treated with a playful irony often evoking humour, though not concealing their dark side.

Addressing the same themes is a selection of 2-d digital prints shown alongside these works.

Text by David Rodway

The Sleep of Reason
part of the

The Poetic Object Exhibiton
at Hortensia Art Gallery, London 23 Sept - 7 Oct 1999

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