Guillem Ramos-Poquí – Paintings 1992-2002



1. Puzzle. 1992
Oil and tempera on canvas. 81 x 117 cm

2. The Mesurement of Time. 1994
Tempera on canvas 114 x 91 cm



3. City. 1996 Tempera on canvas 114 x 90 cm

4. Time Machine. 2002 Tempera on board. 45 x 35 cm


5. Unforgiving Minute. 2002 Tempera on board. 19.5 x 50 cm Collection Eliseu Climent , Valencia , Spain

Guillem Ramos-Poquí – Paintings

It will be difficult for me to discuss my work (or, indeed, the work of any artist) without referring to its cultural context. First of all the context of my own evolution: to explain how my personal language and identity has evolved over the years, and the processes and techniques I use in my painting. Secondly my work in relation to the artistic trends and artists who have directly or indirectly influenced me. Of the later, I am thinking abut some aspects of the surrealism and abstraction, and also Delauney, Klee, Magritte and De Chirico, in fact, aspects of invention and creativity in XXc modernist period. Finally the relevance of my work in relation to the contemporary art scene.
My painting on the past few years, show my interest in colour and the juxtaposition of images, perspectives and scales. A recurring theme of these has been the tension between nature and the urban environment, and the issues of time, memory and childhood.

1. Puzzle Oil and tempera on canvas. 81 x 117 cm
I did this painting using a technique of oil and tempera on canvas prepared with a textured surface.
The subject matter combines elements of the city skyline and a spaghetti junction, divided into the sections of a jigsaw. This contrast with elements of nature: the oak tree and the owl at night, a bee feeding from a blue rose (symbol of the unattainable), a yellow bird singing standing over a coloured palette. In order to create a composition I have combined different perspectives and scales.

2. The Measurement of Time Tempera on canvas 114 x 91 cm
This work deals with the strangeness of an imaginary city made of paper, like theater set. The front of a building projects a false shadow. Another building is simply a cube, it does not have any windows or doors. In the distance we see the silhouettes of mountains. In the foreground the arms of a large compass measure the diameter of a white circle with the numbers as in a clock; above we see a mouse-trap over clouds, a dark cloud, and vegetation growing side-ways with a flying horse, as if defying gravity. This composition, painted using tempera on canvas, evokes a metaphysical atmosphere with elements of time, changes of scale, and floating elements.

3. City Tempera on canvas 114 x 90 cm

The background of this painting consist of a vertical-horizontal grid of colour patches over which elements of urban landscape are shown: the word “CITY”, a brick-wall, an emblem with the initials of MCD (Mad Cow Disease), an office desk, sky scrapers seen from above, an a close-up of the organic cells of a leaf. As in previous paintings, different perspectives and scales are combined.

4. Time Machine Tempera on board. 45 x 35 cm
Floating over a background consisting of a grid of colour patches and a series of geometric forms of various colours and shapes: we see a communications satellite, and a series of cloisters, with skyscrapers and people's faces in profile, a box with lips, a tree leaf made of newspaper, a yellow triangle with faces and random letters, and a brick wall.

5. Unforgiving Minute Tempera on board. 19.5 x 50 cm
The theme of this composition relates to life, childhood, and creativity (the title is taken form a poem by Rudyard Kipling). The figures are placed over a series of colour backgrounds. The main characters being those from a circus: the lion tamer with a clock on his chest, a tight-rope walker and a monkey, with a crocodile underneath hoping she will fall. These figures intermingle with other elements such as a snail watching a clock with broken numbers and a flying spring, hit by lightening

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