Guillem Ramos-Poquí

BA Hons, MA (RCA), PhD (Fine Art, Painting)

Digital Photomontages: Selected exhibitions

2003: "Memories and Revelations" Exhibiton at the Delux Gallery, Hornton Street. London.
          "Homage to Kafka, Orwell and Marcuse". Exhibited: nine large format digital photomontages
  15th July -1st Aug 2003
           "Homage to Tarkovsky" Nnine large format digital photomontages
   Nnine large format digital photomontages
            Deluxe Gallery, 2-4 Hoxton Square, London N1            

2002: Paintings:: "A Labyrinth of Mirrors", included in book publication by the Colville Place Gallery, London

2001:     7 - 22 March & 19 April - 15 May: Exhibition "Recollections"
              Colville Place Gallery (part of "Rich Picts" show), London

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          Copyright The Open University 2001          
         4 Digital photomontages: covers for The Open University Course "Exploring Psychology"

          The Magic Forest 2001

"Another Country" - Revisited Histories and Identities
2000 Photomontages

        17 Feb-11April : "Art for the New Millenium" Collective - Colville Place Gallery. London
        1 Sept - 1 Dec : Collective, Hotensia Gallery, London

Portraits of
1999 Photomontages
Mr & Mrs

          8th - 18th March: Hortensia Gallery KCC London -  collective
         22 April - 20 May: Caligrama Art Gallery -  Barcelona
       "The Quest for Knowledge: Portraits of Philosophers and Thinkers"
           24th June - 3rd July: Colville Place Gallery, London. Gallery Artists's Collective
           23 Sept - 7 Oct: The Poetic Object Exhibition. Hortensia Gallery. KCC London
        October: Digial Art Museum - European Banking Technology Fair, Frankfurt
           10-14 November:  The Contemporary Art Fair.  Atlantis Gallery. London

The Sleep of Reason
Invaders - Painting and Digital
1998 Mixed Media

            April: Colville Place Gallery, London: "Recording the Environment - The Hermeneuticl Maze":
            An exhibition of large format digital photomontages (one man show)
             September: Colville Place Gallery; London: "Invaders": Mixed media (painting and digital )
            December 17th - 22 Jan 99:Colville Place Gallery, London: "The Sleep of Reason": Sculpture/Assemblages

Hermeneutical Maze
Photomontages (shown in 1998)
Images of Childhood
1997 Photomontages
Journey Through a Landscape
1997 Photomontages
         Arcade II (International exhibition of electronic prints): University of Brighton Art Gallery
         Arcade II : Hortensia Art Gallery, Kensington & Chelsea College, London
         Colville Place Gallery, London

Sinking and Dis-Arm
                            Eurofair’96, Royal Horticultural Halls, London (one man show)
                            The Mall Galleries, London



Recent publication:G. Ramos-Poquí's work 1965-2001, with 48 pages size A4, containing 84 colour reproductions, and 4 in black and white. Preface by J. Corredor-Matheos. Main text by D. Rodway (the English text has a Spanish translation at the back).


Artists in Britain Since 1945 (Vol 2: M to Z, pp. 1312). David Buckman. Art Dictionaries Ltd, Bristol. 2006
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"The Paint Box Era": Artists in the Digital Art Museum, Berlin (DAM)

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